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Shower Webs
MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Shower Webs

When the drops fall
And water sprays me
All masks are washed Away
In oblivion- Am with me
Solely me

Time rule wields the ruler
But i stick to myself
Search my innard shards
They creep up - flow to the
Surface like the spray
Hits my outside

Shards play a cinema
An enthralling motion picture
In my mind - without images
Just thoughts - words made
of air

Telling myself
Not cover up favours
for a close friend with 'being
busy with myself' - but favours
seem unreciprocated in
level and degree

Feel the length of
wire between me and my
Close other self- Confess
its length not- i might be
my sole self

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