For New Poets

How do I feel for new poets?
Generally speaking I prefer to remain quiet
There can stand no other argument
It will derogatory to pass any comment

It is new environment and new concept
So many things to keep in mind and to be kept
I find them of entirely new breed
They are capable and need no feed

What did we do when whole world was in turmoil?
Liberty and freedom was main issue and on boil
How many things we planned and wrote?
Picking right things with references and quotes

Our hard won freedom has now different dimension
Shrouded with mystery and questions
I think today’s scene is quite different
Lot many things are not taken as inherent

Love and piece has taken back seat
False promises are made to look so sweet
No one raises voice or utter a word
No one wants to pick a thread and look little backward

Not that old generation was worth to be extra ordinary
But definitely there was substance and they took it as visionary
What do I find today and feel so sorry?
It lands me in controversy and adds some worry

What has happened to their pen?
They don’t protest for atrocities even
Little accreditation makes them to compromise on vital issues
There is lack of deep penetration for overall views

I don’t think they lack courage
But there is some deficiency to manage
More of negative sides gain momentum
As result the effect remains bare minimum

I would love to salute them also
As they have resolved to move and go
New sun may emerge on sky’s horizon
New fronts will be opened and won

There may remain perceptional difference
We may be erring to draw the inference
Yet the goal remains same for love and peace
Happy voyage to all and spending life at ease

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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In our own home state Odisha we are not able to write and do any official work in official language i.e. in Odia and as such we are struggling hard for establishment of Odia bhasha state official language always everywhere as per Act 1954. The judiciary and the executive are violated the Act,