(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Showing Its Beneficence [rev.]

This is true magic, a miracle, something
more wonderful than success: earphones
given to me as a kindness, suffer distress
from sudden movement as I turn my head
from the computer console - as happened
many times before - right ear-phone dies -
regretfully I put a set of new ear-phones in
such a bad sound quality screeching right
to on my very soul and despondently

I put the broken set to my ears to hear the
superior sound – and magically both right
and left ear-phones worked again, smugly
I accepted the miracle - saying nothing to
anybody – but once again I dislodged the
right cord by mistake to lose sound again;
chastised I put it aside - no other choice –
suffer the scratching screech, suffering
a while then tried magic set again - to

My delight the sound’s back - this time I
broadcast the eldritch event, whether the
work of secret goblins or just a random
glitch, I’m happy, the sound keeps the
little alien in my head satisfied so I can
concentrate and translate - maybe this
ear-phone set’s really conscious; after
punishing me it restores its grace,
giving me leave to think -

A supernatural power is showing its
wonderful beneficence…

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