Showing Warmth Is Not A Myth

'Rumors about me being,
Obnoxious, rude and tempermental...
Have been over exaggerated.

When I talk over someone...
I'm helping them maintain their enthusiasm,
For communication.
And the bonding that comes from the honesty...
Of such rare an beneficial times.
When these moments come to award us.'

I like the way you have written this!
Let me read it over a few more times...
To get the feel and 'tone' of it!
I should be able to add some sincerety!

Look over the one you wrote for me,
Entitled, 'Showing Warmth Is Not a Myth'.

That one went right over my head.
There are too many typos!
It has to be perfect.
Especially if you expect me to display any of it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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