Poem Hunter
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


Put on your make-up,
Come out into the light-
So bright it reveals in all their horror the imperfections
Your five pounds of make-up couldn't hide.
Fool- you think all your work
To disguise your hideous reality
Will deceive people?
They know you for what you are-
A brat,
Starved for the attention of your peers.

Dress how the world tells you to,
Even though the world is only a forty year old pervert
As lustful as anyone.
The world wants to dress you,
Because it wants to undress you.
Don't listen.

Who cares if you're high,
Having sucked the unclean air
From the cleaning cabinet?
Who cares what you're doing
Behind closed doors?

Step into the glare
Of the perverted world of public opinion.
Bask in their attention
You are driven by the lust of your pride.

Come out, it's Showtime.

(written to the modern generation)

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Liked this alot James