Can't get the pain out,
I feel rotted to the core.
Can't scrape the hurt out,
It’ll just bleed in even more.

Do I care too much?
I should just stay away
Before I’m drawn in too far
And get burnt by the flame.

But I
Can't cut the ache out,
It’s spread throughout my world.
Can't squeeze the sores out,
They’re buried too deep underground.

I’ve fallen in the trap
Chasing honey coloured bait,
But sweetness isn’t mine to have
And my hunger is still to sate.

And it’s not even me.

Please turn my brain out,
Don’t want to think this anymore.
Please take my heart out,
Can't bear to live this anymore.
Please turn my brain out
Don’t want to think anymore.
Please take my heart out,
Stop the beating evermore.

by Stuart Doggett

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