Shrewd Chivalry

I wasn’t me
And you weren’t you
Pretending to be
Through this fog, what’s really true

So why is it now
That everything is clear
What did we miss
Why do you seem so near
How could you leave
When you were never really here

Hearts lifted by spirits
Bodies warmed with guilt
A twinkle of fear
Lust pushed to the hilt

Two angels sweep in
And plucked you away
Passion caged by conscience
Different dragons for us to slay

What did I do making you regret
The choices you have made
Never losing my respect
Passionate filled nights, just won’t fade

Knights never die
But sometimes retreat
Solitude beckons why?
Never accepting defeat

Sharpening thy sword
He looks to the Heavens
Seeking purpose and promise
Ghost of his princess, never unheard.

Reason says no
Heart cries out why
Grace steps in
Bearing a smile, with a long deep sigh

by Jack Dylan

Comments (4)

You evoke such emotion from me, not only by the words you use but the way you use the ones you don't. I, too, can read between the lines.
A fine poem, consistent imagery. Pretty shrewd, too!
An enjoyable read. Well done the words flowed. And of course the mention of the knight to go with the title, Grand! Patricia Gale
warmed with guilt, great line