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Carving up animals, Simon Legrees
sold their souls
to get their degrees.
atheists others visionmocking
control freaks illegally gatelocking
and brainerasers electroshocking
pricegouging and ticktocking timeclocking,
addict creating, fat making, privacy pickpocketing,
for their military bosses warjocking...
dispensing toxins which cause suicide,
homicide, or brain signal blocking.....
their forcefed medications stifle meditation.
promoters of the thorazine shuffle, tardifdyskinesia shaking, heart attacks
opening old wounds.. creating family conflicts, ,
Freudian sexual determinists serially sleeping with their captives
creating addictions with legal dope.
they cause despair as they stigmatize.
they cause suicides as they pathologize.


1 dedicated to Bonnie H, John L, John M, James L and tens of thousands of others
who died as a result of psychiatrists and
psychologists.and to the victims of torture around the world
in whose deaths psychiatrists and psychologists were complicit.
How does this profession kill?
a. Toxic psychiatric medications (Leonard Finz of Manhattan is
one of thousands of attorneys who sue drug companies over the
suicides caused by their medications. Prozac, Zoloft and others cause suicide and homicide, incidents of violence
b. 'patient' visions and beliefs mocked
c. diagnoses of 'incurable schizophrenia' which cause despair and are inaccurate
d. the shame caused by such diagnoses
e. depression from being locked up
f. depression from increased weight caused by medications and hospital diet
g. torture
2 It is also dedicated to Neal Barnard founder of PCRM dot org, Sam Sandweiss,
author of The Holy Man and The Psychiatrist, Leonard Rack, Dr M Cohen, Dr Jerry Jampolsky and other heroes who
refuse to do harm
as they create a world of greater compassion
3 The screenwriter of A Beautiful Mind
distorted John Nash's biography. Nash refused
psychiatric medications but he was in the movie
portrayed as crediting his recovery to the poisonous
biochemicals. There are many other instances in tv and
movie productions of drug pushing propaganda
4 Psychiatric drug companies have been sued
repeatedly and successfully for causing homicide
suicide, deaths from side effects of the drugs, weight gain.
heart attacks, permanent shaking and fatalities from tardifdyskinesia. Certain
drugs such as Navane and Ativan are more addictive than heroin.
5 The FDA, NIH, organizations like NAMI, many health departments
and universities are dominated by the international
pharmaceutical cartels
6 DemocracyNow dot org has a series on the
APA members' involvement with torture
7 Thank you to SV for her research into the mental illness
industrial complex.
8. TV networks have reported studies that friends and free support
groups have a better record than professionals in curing
stress episodes, depression etc.
9. The only legal grounds for locking someone onto a mental ward
are proof of homicidal or suicidal tendencies.
10. The sexual determinism of Freud, the economic determinism
of Marx, the genetic determinism of biologists, the religious determinism of
religious fundamentalists are all projections
from the adherents of those philosophies
11. Psychiatrists and psychologists have higher incidence of suicide

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Rudyard Kipling


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