Shudder In My Sleep

The perfect recipe for being a passenger in a car
driven by an eighteen year old girl: Reading a
book, allowing her to choose her route, staying
calm and suggesting the nearest off-ramp when
entering the highway by mistake

Reminding her dad would have stopped at every
robot in orange and all four-way stops; making
a pact: we shall both drive sedately from now
on, accepting that my driving caused the kids
deep fear since they were small

Shaking hands, we shall BOTH imitate dad,
pointing out she can’t assume a slow moving
car will keep moving and she can bear down
on it at full speed- focusing on a book in my
lap, not seeing what my little driver does

I remain calm, tomorrow we shall tackle the
steep incline; one hellish challenge - forgive
me the goosebumps - and if I shudder in my
sleep – when does a young driver learn to
slow down confronting an obstacle? Oh!

by Margaret Alice Second

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