Shuffling With My Shoes

I've been looking for some time
I've been searching for some sign
walking down a lonely line
shuffling with my shoes

The grass is green along the road
the birds are singing songs they know
but I just wander as I go
shuffling with my shoes

People ignore me
they don't want to know me
a dirty old bum
with a bottle of rum
shuffling with my shoes

I may sleep in ditches
but I've got my riches
as I gaze at the stars
the moon and mars
shuffling with my shoes

The sun hits the horizon
my life ain't surprising
the older I get
the less I regret
shuffling with my shoes

Tomorrow's a new day
once again I'll be on my way
at break of dawn
I'll just soldier on
shuffling with my shoes.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (5)

And life goes on for everyone in different ways... Thanks for bringing lives that we don't think about much to life in your poetry, Charlie. You know, everyone was a baby once (do you know what I mean?) Esther : ]
I loved this - your compassion extends to all mankind, I think. Besides, it was just a great read. Your poetry is so lyrical, I'm just envious for a bit. Then grateful for the experience.
Nice flow and use of the rhymes and repeated lines. Sounds almost like a song. -chuck
Restless spirit, nicely written Patricia
I enjoyed this...really great...take care, amanda