Shuffling is reshuffling of life
like to cheat his own soul
when soul demur to shuffle

by ramesh rai

Comments (6)

Our soul stays the same no matter how many changes we make in our life, we cannot run away from the truth of our souls! Powerful write!
Soul objects to shuffling but forced to take new forms. That is what life is. Beautifully said. Thank you.
soul demur to shuffle...short but great...
Beautiful poem with great meaning. Some times we keeps on reshuffling till we are satisfied....Loved reading it.
Shuffling and reshuffling both have deep meanings. Ramesh Rai has kept it open for the readers to have their own meanings. The poem needed a poet's note. I like it according to my understanding. I take it as shuffling of human relationships that is in fact a reshuffling by which we cheat our souls, whereas soul is pure and it resists this reshuffling.
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