Shunned To Slander Those Wholesome

Shunned to slander those wholesome,
They did.
In protection of their standards.
In the hopes they would be long lived.

Good people they ruined...
In belief their quality of life was attacked,
By those who spoke with honesty!
To reveal to them a truth with facts.

The people did not like that.
Especially those self righteous.
They vowed to keep their 'ways' intact.
And they campaigned against,
Those who abhorred them.
So those opposing...
Received cold shoulders.

Foolish now they feel.
Those who threw their noses up...
With such exuberant zest,
Thought to appeal.

Although now victims of their own ignorance,
They wish a forgiveness released will heal!
But those who spoke truth,
With a desire to save them...
From uncouth sleuths!

Freed from the wicked!
And choosing not to sacrifice their peace of mind.
Since doing that to retrack a past...
Could not mend a trashing meant to last.

Living in the 'now' with truth...
Had been pursued with others to share.
But too many then had valued their pretensions.
And their eyes now reveal...
A longing to erase their despair.

With a hunger someone approaches.
To offer them empathy.
And excuse their indignities shown!
But who can believe those fed to greed?
Or the depths of their embedded deceit...
Too well dispensed.
And too well known!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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wow strong words Lawrence...good poem...thank yo....Fi