Shut Eyes Stare

Behind the walls shut eyes stare.
Closed to imagination...
And opened to self depreciation!
Stopped and blocked,
By frustrations accepted!
Fearing disapproval,
But receiving rejection inspected.
And protecting it as if it belongs!
Behind the walls shut eyes stare.
Uncaring the glare reflected is wrong!
There to drain remaining all day long.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

With shut eyes stare, one can vividly appreciate the significance of things than when eyes are open! Good thought, and I agreed to what Marci has expressed. another 10 Lawrence.
Interesting concept expressed here....To me, I believe that ones eyes can be wide open behind 'These Walls'...Open to protect the walls from cracking or letting the wrong one in....One can have walls and still see and feel fact the 'seeing' is one of the very reasons they might be behind these walls.....This is an entirely different perspective on walls and eyes to me.....well written.... marci. :)