Shut It Down

Shut it down.
If it has no benefit from it to get.
Shut it down.
Before what someone done does,
Becomes a daily habit.
And you are used to supply,
Them with a fix.
Reliable to get.

And quick.
Why put up with it.
Just shut it down.
Do not permit,
Frustrations one more visit.
If it comes to knock...
Block it, nip it. Have it stopped.

Why prepare a cake,
You know will be made tasteless.
By someone who then chooses,
To dump on you their attitude.
And why should you convince,
Your time taken isn't theirs.
Show them the door.
And don't let them in anymore.
Why put up with pains and aches.
Not yours to make.

Don't be around it.
Shut it down.
Don't wait too late or hesitate.
To shut-this-down!
Bake your cake to taste it.
Don't let others take,
Your peace of mind to waste it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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