Shut Off Notices

'Even when to them done,
People still do not get the message.'

Trying to play catch up,
With time given to them lost...
Makes as much sense,
As one setting their alarm clock...
Ten minutes fast,
Only to appear an hour late...
And out of breath.
With yet another excuse delivered to make.

This is accepted behavior? '

Are you kidding?
The only thing everyone knows,
That happens on time here is...
Those 'shut off notices' received,
From the phone company, cable...
And their utilities.

When someone gets a statement that reads,
'Pay By Noon'...
Pointless it is,
To attempt to make arrangements...
At twelve-o-Five.

'Even when to them done,
People still do not get the message.'

They do.
But guess who is faulted and blamed?

'The utility people supplying the service? '

Them and everyone else,
Tired of putting up with that nonsense.
And have had it with a servicing to them patience.

'So those shut off notices 'are' effective? '

In an 'offending giving kind of way',

'Have you ever sent anyone a 'Shut Off Notice? '

But I have...
Made sure any messages delivered I did send...
Were understood without a need for me to vent,
In last statements written.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (2)

Anonymous virtual shut off notices go to spam folders and trashed! A high profile company has good customer service..they dont give shut off notices, they deal with defaulter for a better solution profitable for both... Just curious: Messages need to be understood by the receiver not the sender...however sure they were made...? ?
Shut off notices are pointless anyways if the person doesn't have the complete full amount money to pay it. Cause they don't want you to stop paying them, because you are continuously paying them. It just a way to milk you a little more seeing as your late. If they shut it off to get it turned back on will cost you one arm and one leg. Yes they do except body parts lol...