(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Shut Out (Cor.)

Passwords are a terrible evil - an atrocity -
a scourge to the lonely individual who can't
remember the swarm of passwords each of
which takes flight as soon as it is concocted
refusing to return when password-protected
medical fund account is to be opened

Credit card account forever closed without the
forgotten password, Facebook branched out
into a sconce of three password sites because
old accounts became inaccessible and I tried
again and again - in vain - then gave up; the
famed Linked-Line forever a closed book

To be read by others and never by me - the
prescribed password for the office computer
with all its nit-picking frills and twirls must be
at least 8 characters long & contain numbers
and punctuation marks - totally impossible to
remember by a little alien with her head

In the clouds - does the world really want all
happy dreamers to come down to earth and
fixedly watch only the trampoline - following
the weave and twirl of its surface - creating
passwords for every area of life, locking our-
selves out of our own being: such a shame

Especially given the fact that this little alien
finds it difficult to remain in the assigned body
for physical life - according to Net's chakra test
the red chakra indicating ties to earth shows this
alien's not well bonded at all; what bonding can
take place when the purple alien Snow Queen

Is shut out from her own life?

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Comments (1)

It is indeed a bizarre situation when you find it hard to recall a multiple number of passwords for myriad of functions. It lets you forego a lot of privileges that are rightfully your own. What a terrible (Net) Chakra. I would like to quote a few lines from the poem: .... creating passwords for every area of life, locking ourselves out of our own being: such a shame. Thanks.