(October Second Ninteen-Seventy-Four / Grace Maternity Halifax)


There exists a very pretty girl, all softly warm
deep sadness resides within her eyes faint glow
could it be the same dissapointment we all feel
the resignment to allow our home to wither be
the absense of wonder filled glory to behold
from the inside looking out, disregarding
she is a pretty girl, so shining dimly
a veil of mist draped and dangled
disturbed inside, torn asunder
of two worlds, softly wanders
in and out of feel to be
so pretty
so witty
where does all her sadness reside
apart from the outside, for she hides
the letting go, truth be known, flown
back around and twisted up, its feeding
upon her very essence internal tempests
yet so soft, the feeling, of help me
of free me, release me, suprise me
love me, aliven me, waken and take me
imagine brushing away that veiled vision
allowing a new man into the kitchen
not forever, just for now and way
new, fresh, fairy tales begin to
come to be true again, we believe
whats the deal yo, lets shake on it
we're done with the shaking down
the taking and bringing down,
the putting down, not caring
time for daring, wary faring
romance and playful being
return to innocence, kids
I've got a crush on you,
You've got a thing for me,
we've lifted off
let's let fly

a lot of things been said by men to women
feel like reliving a thousand movies?
hearing lines from a million books?
or rather just be embraced
smiling face to face
feel each others touch
and be loved

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