Shy Girl

Poem By Samantha Murray

There are times in our lives that
we are going to be shy to share
our feelings
shy girl how you feel,
and how it makes you cry.
showing how you feel and telling
the person how much you
love them and your heart is full of emotions
may sometimes lead to shame
but if you love that person
I guess they can be tame.
loves you too or the person don't love you:
to be honest am kind an shy.

shy girl pick up the wrong way
the wrong type the wrong status
an it was dark in the night
Shy girl too, shy she lose her man
she never know how to make her man feel good
If I love someone it's very hard
to stop loving them! .love for me
is like the stars in the sky that
why they call her shy girl cause
her love will never die.

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