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Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger

Poem By Denis Martindale

A trim Siberian tiger sat,
The day to while away,
Just like a tamed domestic cat
That lost its drive to play...
No more the youthful games of fun,
Or sibling rivalry,
He sat alone, beneath the sun,
For anyone to see...

With nothing but surrounding peace,
Till hunger moved him on,
He simply stayed and took his ease,
With sunlight all but gone...
Then creatures moved and drew his eyes,
To fathom where and when,
The waiting ploy had proved him wise,
Till hunting time again...

This was the time his mindset changed,
With mercy gone for good,
His hunting skills had rearranged
That little neighbourhood...
The left side empty, no meal there,
The right side had a treat,
In seconds, he leapt through the air...
A tiger's got to eat...

Denis Martindale, copyright, October 2014.

The poem is based on the magnificent wildlife
painting by Stephen Gayford nb Google search:


Find more wildlife poems using Google search
for the search phrase Stephen Gayford poetry.

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