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Siblings come in all shapes and sizes
There are many subjects you should think
When the golden sun rises
When they play tricks on you
They come back with more surprises

Right now you may think they are twerps
Or to stuck up or busy
But later in life you apriciate
All those hiccupps and burps

Most kids would give their brother or sister away
But I tell you people of earth. There will be a day
When the rain falls down hard and harsh
And there is no one to hold
You would do anything to recapture your childhood and behold

Again, siblings come is shapes and sizes
But they all have one thing the same
When they get on your nerves
Let the emotion out in a way that is tame
Heed these words now or fall in to eternal shame.

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Comments (4)

Siblings, a blessing and well, siblings are people. I love that you put yourself into another's sight and then write from that point of view, the view of someone with siblings. Good write!
You pen your truth with great conviction (but sadly no personal experience) . As one who has just one brother (but a very special one) , I have to agree with everything you say. And yet I know folk whose siblings aren't worth the bother - for some reason they seem hell bent on destroying the family. Fortunately most siblings don't follow this negative path. You have a great feel for poetry and write convincingly and originally. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I should let you people know that i dont have any sublings that is why i wrote this poem so to all those people who have syblings please feel lucky that you have someone.
nice work nice sentament keep it up