Sibyl - poem in eight syllables

Poem By Anja Utler

Сивилла: выжжена, сивилла: ствол.
Все птицы вымерли, но Бог вошел.

Sibyl: burned out, Sibyl: the trunk.
All the birds perished, but God came in.

(Marina Cvetaeva)

has touched the: spores, bare-eyed: bared mouth is in-
flamed, sibyl, she shudders, glows: sand singes the tips the
finger the tongue strikes sparks in her body: blazes up

she: sways, sibyl, slave to slithering sands she rushes, streams
— myriad pores — she wafts away she flashes across the sun — becomes:
sunstorm — murmurs she spits, knows: she no longer subsides

is: burst, sibyl, the: sliver in the flesh she is — still bleeding? —
splinters — sundered, gaping: like the lips, stem — is: gills, lignified
she: splits the light, drips: she rasps, that: shoots up

sibyl thus: she yawns, groans: oscillating the: vocal folds, glottal gaps they
scratch: away over the chalk, scouring, rending a: crater from
hip to throat the: gullet, sibyl, she: trembles, vibrates

vibrates, is: the quivering, sibyl — tremor — twitches: in swirling sand in
whirling winds she grinds abandoned: the joint sprained, whimpers: to
the strip: she is consumed — trembles: uprooted pines — she: erodes

sibyl she: towers up, turns into: cliffs she sizzles is the: spray in the
pores dies away she radiates: sibilants, dissolves - sss - ebbs
floods herself and: sighs

she: staggers, sibyl she: breaks up in whirling heat she: sizzles
whistles: swamp, pond slippery thighs the: reed belt soaks she surrounds
herself gurgles — adder — slips away in: susurrus

and silent, just the scent: burned soil clearing perceptible - is
past crackling - and decay: toes finger the stalk:
a mulch hollow, poking the thrown-off skin: crumbles
down to flaking soles and: starts rustling

translated by Tony Frazer

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