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Poem By uder pressure

My first real understanding in life
for years she weakend
not by attitude but by body
sickness seeped inside her

robbing her of health
daily tasks became a challenge
but showered with flowers and gifts
she was hopful

we were hopeless
Pain deepend demanding stillness
a life crumbling beneath her
she felt alone

suffering in sickness
people appeared and dissapeared
she took advantage
weeks flew by and days seemed shorter

she spiraled down a tunnel of darkness
which seemed to be ending
she finally reached the bottom
to far for words to reach

and laying peacefully in silence
a heart stopped
friends and family gathered
payed respects and bowed their heads
tornatos of emotions spun through the room
admiration for optamism

and pain for the loss
confusion poured from minds
pain from hearts
Her voice was silenced.

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