KE (10/19/89 / Wichita Falls)

Sick And Tired

Im falling faster and growing old,
Im shivering at your presence,
and I don't believe anything I am told,
and the reminiscence of you,
And all that you put me through,
i once accepted you,
but now at every thought of you,
i cringe and it eats me inside,
how can you leave me to die,
its like i have a house,
but no home,
no place to call my own,
nothing makes sense anymore,
you lied to me and yet i still believed alot of the things you told me,

I never loved you at all,
You never called,
now you want to speak to me after we are through
but i dont want to speak to you
stop calling me and telling me your sorry,

your just sorry you got caught and now you live a lie,
so what i no longer have to deal with the problems of you,
because i am tired of you not being true.

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