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Sick And Tired

Im sick of pretending its all perfect
Tired of living a lie
Sick of loving you
Tired of the tears I cry

Im sick of giving you my love
Tired of getting nothing in return
Sick of all your other girls
Tired of being unable to learn

Im sick of running back to you
Tired of returning hurt
Sick of been laughed about
Tired of being treated like dirt

Im sick of living this life
Tired of being blue
Sick of thoughts about giving up
Tired of the stupid things I do

Im so sick of it all
So sick Im going do it
So tired of been stuck in the middle
So tired Im going to quit

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Yes, i know the feeling...very meaningful, keep up the great work.!
Beautiful! I find myself in these verses.
It is a poem. Thomas's thoughts are amiss. A poem can be a moment captured in time, or a feeling captured in time. Anyone can write a poem. Thanks for sharing your poem Ani and keep writing. Learn as you go. A little each day. Words are powerful things. don't be afraid to write and keep writing as to live. It is a fight and will always be. For some of us pain comes our way and we either go on or give up. Don't give up. Here's a poem for you. It's called the fight. Still the thought, to walk in fear. Tis love must carry thee o’er. But can I rightly chart my course When perched upon this bier. Rhythmically, reciting, versing, The Fight Singingly re-rehearsing. By: Mike Gadarowski Waiting till the time is right Fearlessly to face my plight. But another day is done And I am no farther on Then as if I’d ne’er begun, Yet my race is half-way done. Up it is the hour to fight. Why decline to use thy might. Will you die afraid to stand, Stuck between the sea and land. Grasp the tiller, take the oar, Press the voyage, fear no more, Cast away from safe and sure. Do not think to hide within Walls that are so shallow thin. Can honor dwell midst the night Of this fantasy of light? Keep writing.
Nice poem! Just want to say: You can't live withought us! (Boys)
ani...been there...done that...good poem on life..Rebecca