Sick But Uncared

You feel so lonely when people ignore
You are left uncared when you are sick, in bed, and people ignore
Your body pains
And you are feeling cold
Your eyes are watery
But around is not a soul
They are so busy with the things about themselves
They walk across you and don’t even look

They are always there taking things for granted
They don’t even care to ask about your health
You try calling them but they just don’t care

I am here
Having fever, feeling cold
All they think is I am well but they don’t see the change in me
I sit here quiet all dull and pale
They are so busy to even learn about my state

All of this sickness and pain are not the ones that hurt me
But being uncared gives my eyes the tears of blood

by shruti modi

Comments (3)

hey...out of all your poems, somewhere i realised here u say a lot which gets buried inside any fragile human being not everybody is vocal, not everybody vocal empathies but m touched you do likewise keep it up Shruti!
i love the last part of the poem it is the greatest. i loved it all.well done
This poem expresses so much with sadness which can be felt. Being uncared is the worst feeling one can get.