GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

Sick (First Person)

You who abused the person
The one person i loved
And because i percieved that he
Cared about you, i put up with the abuse
I was always there for you
I hid your secrets and kept your lies for you
Yet you disposed of me when you were through

And know i'm really sick of you
After leaving all of us and moving on
You think you can re-enter our lives
Come back to us and it will all be ok

Know tha i'm not scared of you
And i don't see you as a threat
And i swear to God
You try to so much as sway him
And you throat is mine
I will not be so forgiving anymore

You know why?
You treated me like i was a disposable
And wether you believe it or not;
You don't deserve him
So back up and get lost
Give up on you fanciful notions of what were
Because i'm sick of you
Taking and hurting everything i've got

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