Sick Of Being Just Monkeys

One monkey to leave,
Does not stop a show of monkeys.
Unless that one monkey,
Happens to be the producer.
And other monkeys who know this,
Will do all they can...
To keep the show going on.
Or realize they can afford to buy,
Their own supply of bananas.

Have become sick of being just monkeys.
And monkeys who become sick of it,
Are not often found to be seen...
Depending on one monkey,
To open their eyes to other opportunities.

'You have a unique zoo here.'

~What do you mean? ~

'There are so many monkeys,
Doing their own thing.
And sharing with one another.
How has this been made possible? '

As the zookeeper,
I got tired of hearing the same complaints...
About the bananas.
So I told them,
If they didn't like what I delivered...
Find a better use of their time,
Without wasting mine.~

'And what happened? '

~They began wearing the peels.~

'What? '

~And the tourists who saw this,
Wanted to wear them too.
And I still can't believe,
How many they have sold.
And now they have hired me,
As their accountant to pretend...
Their 'show' has been my idea.~

'And they all get along with this known? '

~I gave them my recipe for the banana pudding.
And that began to change everything.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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