CH (23 December / New Zealand)

Sick Of You

This has gone on long enough,
Im tired of the pain,
Everytime you make me happy,
You have to kick me down again.
Whats with all the lying?
Did you think i didnt know,
About all the things you're doing,
And everywhere you go?
You think you're being sneaky,
And that i dont know the truth,
But the real truth baby,
Is that im getting sick of you.
Even though im smiling,
Underneath it all im seething,
Cant you feel my anger?
Or my shallow breathing?
Games are played by children,
And i wont deal with it,
I wont take your reasoning,
When you say you did forget.
Stood up once is ok,
But twice is far too much,
So im ending our relationship,
If you can call it as such.
So when your sad and crying,
Wondering what you did wrong,
I think you'll know the answer,
That i knew the truth all along.

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Omg! Amazing. The sentences just flowed together like 'BAM'. You're better off without him. Welp, his loss! Sugar B.