Sick With Bitterness

People who have lost their minds,
From the confines of mental stability.
Will never get them back.
Perhaps a lack of praying,
Had been faithfully missed.
Or something simple that kept them,
Unforgiving and sick.
With leftover childish bitterness.
Or maybe they perceive themselves,
To be picked from a litter of nitwits.
And given some sign from up above,
That validates the place...
Where their noses stay with turned backs.

Someone somewhere got them ego tripping.
To detour them off track.
Enabling them to delude the facts.
They are getting older.
And showing aged mold,
Growing through cracks.
Smothering their minds to wither.
Out of order and whacked.

People with lost minds,
Could not adjust to times changing.
Wanting to remain the same.
Without removing the dust,
Collecting on their unused brains.
And yet,
Those aware are expected...
To have more patience and understanding.
With a thoughtfulness,
Bared and shown.
However many enlightened,
To have done this alone.
Tolerating their own moans and groans.
Will admit...
Putting up with fools too ungrateful.
And so rude to cause,
Eyebrows to lift and lips shut to twist.
Are not about to accept,
Giving away their peace...
Just to please others jealous of it.
Maybe in another World,
Unseen by eyes closed and dreaming.
That wish might exist as a possibility.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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