Sid’s Onion Burger

I had an onion burger
Delicious through and through
I closed my eyes with joy
Has this ever happened to you?

My teeth sunk in so carefully
The bun, the meat and such
Juicy and crunchy and delightful
I enjoyed it, oh, so much

A tomato perfectly ripened
Lettuce crisp and bright
The flavors were so blended
Every one, my friend, were right

I had to sneak into the kitchen
As Marty flipped the meat
The fragrance oh, let me tell you
Was such a wonderful treat

Not only did I get a burger
A side of fries were perfectly done
Watch your fingers, sir
For you will get absolutely none

Sid’s Onion Burger was what
It said out on the sign
But ‘this’ onion burger
Was most definitely mine!

by Marilyn Lott

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nice one Marilyn i enjoyed the it keep up the good work