Side By Side But Alone

I often fret over the solitude of existence.
How I wish I knew what you were thinking.
How I wish you knew my thoughts!
Despite the embrace, the commingling of lips and hips,
You and I are alone.

Words matter!
Language matters!

And while you say, 'Actions speak louder than words,
words are everything to me, and your silence-;
it might as well be a club to the back of the head.

I have grown tired of trying to convince you of my affection,
for my words have never been disingenuous;
it is cruel for you to have doubted me.

Still, you are right that we lack an emotional connection.
Tonight, like so many others, we rest side by side but alone!

by William Jackson

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Actually, I'm glad people can't read my thoughts so I have time to prepare how to deal with them and not hurt them by my knee-jerk reactions to provocative statements or rejection. All important things I communicate on paper to my loved ones, thus I have time to think it over and try to convey the love I feel, but cannot express in the spoken word or in my actions. When I describe fantasies to my husband and he keeps making helpful suggestions that lead the story away from my intended goal, I'm very glad he can't prescribe telepathically. I find communication requires a whole range of people as we send out many communication rays like light reflecting from a diamond, but most people only pick up a very limited range of those rays. So I know with whom I should limit the conversation to computers and with whom I should discuss spaceships. And I know to stay away from social events where I fall asleep for boredom! Your poem exactly describes the universal dilemma of broken communication and I hope you find ways to work around it. Great poem, Kind regards, Margaret.