Side Effects

Doesn't it seem as if another cure has been discovered,
For an ailment you didn't know existed...
But now you are convinced,
You had it since birth?
And the cure advertised and available,
Is just what you need?

And some of these when taken,
Produce side effects!
Like serious infections, viruses and death!
Who lives to be that foolish?
Stupid question!

'No it isn't.
Haven't you heard?
No question asked is stupid! '

Can anyone today honestly believe,
Someone in a laboratory is going to find anything,
Other than another disease to create.
Infect some animal that's going to be eaten.
Spreading an illness that has to be cured.
And this is done on an annual basis.
Creating a public disturbance.
Increased pharmaceutical sales.
And hospitals building yet another wing,
To provide inadequate services...
For experimental purposes!

'Sound like you're talking about the flu?
Which reminds me...
Did you get your flu shot yet? '

What are we talking about?

'Give me a hint.
I haven't been paying attention.
Something about being a guinea pig maybe? '


by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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