(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

Sideshow Alley [1930 Slang] [carnival/Sideshow Slang]

I can see another carnival has arrived
I see that it's last years' carnival
my buddies is part of this carnival, if I'm not all wet
As I peer out of the sandwich shop's windows
These carnies usually has no heat merchants running about
The sword siren with the feet of steel
And the pain proof marvel
Happens to be part of this sideshow
Not sure their performance will be a 10-in-1
I'd imagine it'll be some sort of a string show
I have a pal in another carnival
As a juice man
Wonder if a cowboy will appear
Like the last carnival that arrived in town
He's a mule for some spiv
I know the buddies aren't the kind of show people
That will perform some fireball show
Once I paid a checker for a dukkering at a mitt camp
Nanty had came of it
Last freak show they had a half and half
Next year supposedly a girl in a fish bowl
Would be the big attraction at that sideshow
The geeks weren't all that it was cracked to be
Yet I'm only attending for the 10-in-1
They can forget about marking me
I'm too educated, they can't peg me as an emby
Because I know a shill when I see one
They also used a battle for a missing link
Which I wasn't too keen on
This frail eel that I know with her righteous mass
Has a popper she uses for most of these events
Selling her solid kettle corn
Which I never forget to buy a bag full
The aroma is minxy
The last time I went to a carnival
I rode on the big ely for the very first time
About three months ago
A carnival arrived barn storming
They had a bozark who took on all plenty rugged fellas
She was a master with both her drumsticks and meat hooks
She wasn't taken off her hocks
It was set between the tents of
The wolf boy and the pinheads
Was considering of being a lookie-lou for this carnival
But since my buddies are here I won't be
They are a smooth working act
Last year they send the crowd
Their tent were sandwiched between
Some headless illusion act
And a popeye act
This year heard Spidora will be present
From the posters I've seen at the local library
There will be extra bonus pit shows has been added
Only time I get to the back yard at one of these things
Is when my sideshow buddies invite me
Once was even allowed to view the carnival's private kunstkammer
Where the carnies would be cutting up jackpots
Generally I'm here for the freak shows
So I never get to the back end
I avoid the arcade tents and especially the sky grafters
Couple of times when I was reading the midway
I found some hard cash and a Lincoln
Spend it all at a blowoff at an annex
Of a female armless wonder
Almost went to see a tableau
But they're not rip snorter to me
I wonder how much suds the John laws juice
When they on the take these carnies
One thing I dish besides the freak shows
Is the dodge- ‘em cars
Whenever I have a group of friends along
Few years back one of the carnivals burned the lot
Which forced carnivals out of the area
Finally this they're back in route
To this high grass in full swing
Once my friend found a double
In the donniker area
She dropped her floss in it
When she got a buzz over finding it
She got a couple of Glass benders
And still had deep pockets to come to her pilch with
She knocked herself viewing those pickle punks
I arrive to the arch hoping this year
my buddy do his chainsaw act again
While blindfolded with an apple in his mouth
He'll have his anatomical wonder act
And the bed of nails act no doubt
And his fire breathing most likely on the bill
And my other buddy will also being doing, not only her blockhead act
But she'll be that blade glommer doll as well
There's some hype this year my buddy
Will do the human dynamo act
With a 3,000 volt electric chair
No doubt these carnies refer to us as cake eaters
I pass through the arch
And could hear the talkers bark their spiel
I first pass a broad tosser with his keister set up
I don't stop because I'm no sap
I pass a human torso's tent on my right
And the alligator man's tent on the left
Next to it is the human skeleton
On the right the lobster man's tent is next
And I spot entering the next tent on my left
A bearded lady hand and hand with a picture gallery
On a platform across it is a bender
I can see farther down this midway
Is a four way joint that happens to be a bend over store
One of the clerks in it looks like a friend [Jan]
Then I noticed this butcher who looks like
An acquaintance from town
It looks as though they have their first marks
At that first center joint
That appears to be a coconut shy
These marks looks like a couple of lugens
Looks like outside the tent
There's a good draw
It's an open front show with teaser curtains
Now that the bally is over
And thet're freezing the tips
The pitch will begin at the pigpen
They'll be turning the tip inside
First we get a mentalist act
Second a human pin cusion act
Then a blade box performance
Before my buddies performs
While we listen to the lecturer
Then my sideshow buddies finally enters
And stand next to the snorting pole
And explain a few things about the act
Before it begins
And apologizes to us
That the electric chair has been larry
And will be performed tomorrow in the dim
Then after the end of their performance
We all head to the blowoff
To purchase their pitch cards
Now I have to come back next dim
To experience the human dynamo act
That's the dim the swing quintet will be
The headline musical act
I dig their version of 'It Don't Mean a Thing'

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