Sidetracked By An Ego Boost

Keep believing you're the last best thing on Earth.
I'm sure to you that has a worth!
You remind me frequently I do not meet your expectations...
Or satisfy your preference list!
You call to tell me this all the time!
As if you'd like me to play along,
To keep what I'm missing in my mind.
It's your choice to insist on playing hard to get!

But if you notice this at all...
I have shown no interest!
I'm holding nothing back to stall,
To participate in debate or conquests!

And the 'last best thing on Earth',
Wouldn't bother me to suggest I'm less than dirt.
Unless you feel you have been picked over?
Sidetracked by an ego boost...
You need me to help you hoist!

And the last of anything I select to be with me,
Is not the first thing on my mind I would want!
It certainly wouldn't be...
Anything I'd give time to consider,
As an opportunity!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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