The Night Falls Silent

Beauty of the night fading all around me...
The stars fade from the sky.
The moon is shrouded with dark clouds,
And the night falls silent.

A wolf howls to the moon.
Only to be answered by silence.
The woods are so quiet.
All you can hear is the crickets night time lullaby.
As the night falls silent.

After sometime the clouds dissapate,
And the stars agian begin to shine.
The wolf howls to the moon agian,
And it is answered by a sires of noises.
The crickets night time lullaby,
The screech of an owl,
And the fluttering of little wings.

The wolf howls,
Singing its sad and lonely song.
In hopes that never agian would it see the day when...
The Night Falls Silent.

by Kenzie Lynn

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