Sidewalk Lull-A-Bye

Listen to the sounds
Of the city that surrounds
Passing cars rushing by
Vendor’s distant cries

The rhythm of the tracks
A passing trolleys clackty-clack
Pigeons cooing in the park
Muffled sounds of a dogs distant bark

Darkness approach’s in shades of gray
People pass in droves as they scurry away
Horns a blaring shouting out words of anger
Someone somewhere will surely be given the finger

Sirens scream as gunshots ring out thru the night air
Someone’s life is hanging by a thread and yet no one seems to care
A body lies in the street yet no one saw a thing
An officer collecting evidence to see what it will bring

I close my window and call it a day
And thank god up above I don’t live that way
As I wait patiently for the credits to roll on by
And wait intently for the previews of next weeks C.S.I.

by Poison 9901

Comments (1)

Loved the whole poem, but the ending was the kicker!