If i stand sideways
and walk sideways
and think sideways
and act sideways
will you think the world is spinnng
on a horizontal axis?
If not, let me tell you about the time
that my mind turned off...
...and back on again, like this-

tick tack toe
ray me so
two three for
beg four more
this poem has no meaning, makes no sence
or does it mean everything that you never thought you knew, not in your life
but you know now, for all of your life,
because knowledge is inevitable
and if the words i say mean anything,
You'll know
You'll know, you always do
How could you not?

Even if i didn't say them, you would know what i mean
can you know whatyou think?
But how?
without saying it?

but none of this matters...

If i san sideways,
will you call me by my middle name?

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