(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Just A Click Away (Internet Series)

Information overload
Software downloads via illegal copies
Maps showing the roads
also tour various countries.

Chuck the letter, e-mail pops up
get gossip of celebrity link ups.
Read horoscope, book reviews
trade shares or catch up on daily news.

Choose flowers, send them accross continents
buy things at ebay with easy payment.
Share thoughts, stories, poems and more
vent out anger or just browse on when bored.

Find love without sharing a kiss
live in anonymity bliss.
Talk to someone over messeneger
marry your favourite star or learn to cook sizzler.

All this and more is just a click away
Wired World (internet) is alluring and on display.
Here you can reach for the sky or dream a dream
But you can't see if something is true or just another scheme.

(15 May,2005)

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