Siempje :)

I' am falling,
Just free falling,
falling in love with you...
please awnser the phone I am calling.

Just to hear your voice,
Telling stupid jokes to hear you laugh,
Soon this all will be over...
I wouldn't need to call.
I 'll just have to open my eyes,
I know you'll pick me up when I fall.

hug me when I cry,
kiss me while I sleep.
girl I am just thinking and I allready fly.

In love so badly,
like catching a fever and you are my meds,
can't eat or sleep when you are not around
When I open my eyes in the morning so sadly....

I see you are not here,
just before I frown I think of our future,
It just takes away my fear.

by Scentless Apprentice

Comments (1)

Sweet sentiments on what love does for us Scentless Apprentice. You need to use a spell checker on your work though! If we are gonna read and comment, we deserve your best effort. Smiling at you, so glad love found you not wanting...Tai