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Sieze The Day

There are those who merely exist.
Who srabble about the Tree of Life,
Gathering nuts and stray leaves
Building nests of dead, dry twigs.
There are those who hide in the leaves
From the sun, the stars, the sky.
Wanting only to be left alone
Waiting as long as they can to die.
There are those who run up and down
Never looking up or around
Wanting no more than to get through
To get through life and be done with it.
There are those who cannot take it.
Who see the leaves as dull and pale,
The boughs too hard or too narrow.
These few brave cowards leave living
And instead jump off the tree.

Then there are those who 'sieze the day'
Who climb as high as the tree will take them.
There they view the awesome wonders
Spread in the sky so high above.
They journey to every branch and leaf,
Fearing nothing, bowing to no one,
And who, by their own teeth and claws,
Carve their names into the Tree.

Tell me, which will YOU be?

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Yeaup...she was all into that lesson! Hey Sophia! Mr. T
Hey! Now I know somebody listened to the lesson! Or was it the movie? Hmm... Either way, great job, very challenging! Carpe Diem, friend.
good one sophia. i had been everyone. and that's why i write poetry. may be. saving grace. regards john.