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Sighs Madders
BVA Barry Van Allen ( / )

Sighs Madders

I've tried to build my life on what is right,
to distinguish what is false from what is true,
I always knew it would not happen overnight,
I've not seen clearly since I fell in love with you.

It's been my goal each day to do my very best,
although, it never seems to be enough at times,
I like to think that I am different from the rest,
I think I am, if I am reading the right signs.

Why am I unsettled so today?
I want to win her back, but I wonder if I should,
yes, we are different while the same in many ways,
I would go back in time and change it if I could.

The thought stabs at my heart,
- - - her with another man,
she goes out, while I stay home,
and tell myself ' I understand'.

Does understanding have a limit undefined?
Does the pressure on my heart effect my mind?
Do I believe that she could change, and so would I?

Most thoughts of reasoning have exited my life,
I blither, blather, babble,
' cause when I think of her,
I spill the tears and sigh!
... and just get madder.

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Comments (3)

nice poem it rhymes too
lovely rhyming. Nice punning title, a bright spot in a sad piece. -chuck
Great piece...and catchy title! ! Hugs, Dee