Save The Oceans And Save The Seas

Oil and water do not mix,
this oil slick has no quick fix.
The dark black goo not only affects me and you,
but SEA LIFE in our OCEANS too.

We must STAND UP for all LIFE under the SEA,
or there won’t be any left in our ECOLOGY.

Save the OCEANS and save the SEAS,

This oil mess was made by greed,
we must take the LEAD
in cleaning up the GULFSTREAM.

We must STAND TOGETHER all of as ONE,
as one people UNITED under the SUN.

This is our PLANET that we all SHARE,
with other LIVING creatures
WHO need our LOVE and CARE.

We must pray for the sea’s mammals, fishes and BIRDS too.
We must all PRAY TOGETHER me and YOU.

Save the OCEANS and save the SEAS,
for the SEA CREATURES to have a DESTINY.

by Christina C Sunrise

Comments (2)

I think the elephant in the bag is the best thing happening here. It is the one ferocious image the mind can chew on. I like this poem.
Wow! John, this is amazing...the thought that within a man is the only place big enough for God...truly a wonderful thought. I don't like the image of stuffing an elephant into a plastic bag. While I know what you are saying, it lends a tinge of the ludicrous to the otherwise serious and magnificant poem. Raynette