Mama Africa

Oh what beauty you hold,
Where every country has a paradise dying to be discovered.
Oh mama Africa,
The land of diamond and gold,
Riches and beauty
It’s beautiful to see that our tradition still remains the same till the day of today.
Oh mama Africa,
How beautiful is it to see all your children are speared around the world
Investing and living in harmony,
Even thought we don’t have everything Mum, but we have peace.
The continent that is shaped as a jigsaw puzzle with many lost treasures waiting to found.
Our Garden of Eden.
The land that God Loved and Blessed.
But Mama Africa,
We your children are not all worthy before you
So please unite us as one
For the year of today is suffering
We are killing our own blood
Hate has hit our land hard
Love is nowhere to be found
We are crying,
And also praying
For a brighter day.
Oh Mama
Can you hear us?
Can you see our tears of pain?
Mama, we need you.
Please hear us and be our backbone in this time of need. As this is the cry from your children.Mama Africa

by Lucia Domingos Fula

Comments (2)

I think the elephant in the bag is the best thing happening here. It is the one ferocious image the mind can chew on. I like this poem.
Wow! John, this is amazing...the thought that within a man is the only place big enough for God...truly a wonderful thought. I don't like the image of stuffing an elephant into a plastic bag. While I know what you are saying, it lends a tinge of the ludicrous to the otherwise serious and magnificant poem. Raynette