Sight Could Not Contain Him

essence of love
fountain of love
god he is to be felt
subtly felt so that
you could concentrate
your energy on him
for sight is not enough
to contain him
too distractive
the whole world
would annihilate
if he should come into sight
stuffing an elephant
into a plastic bag?
keep god at heart
that is enough
that is the only place
in a man large
enough for god
keep it lit
keep it bright
keep it clean
keep it holy
he will call you
day and night
till you and him are one

by john tiong chunghoo

Comments (2)

I think the elephant in the bag is the best thing happening here. It is the one ferocious image the mind can chew on. I like this poem.
Wow! John, this is amazing...the thought that within a man is the only place big enough for God...truly a wonderful thought. I don't like the image of stuffing an elephant into a plastic bag. While I know what you are saying, it lends a tinge of the ludicrous to the otherwise serious and magnificant poem. Raynette