Talk most do about this.
And that which should not concern them.
As if sightseers cruising through life.
To be overheard,
Comparing their likes and dislikes.
With no clue to who is doing who.
Or what who does.
And when confronted about being accountable,
For actions they have taken to make.
They rely on being seen as victims.
On a voyage through life.
Accusing others for not being responsible,
If bad habits they have they are unable to shake.
As they decide which way the exits are.
To quickly avoid the obviousness,
Of their preference to stay uncommitted.
But soon as their cruise through life hits rocks,
They seek to be lifted over obstacles.
And blame those who come to their rescue,
For not being the people they would have picked.
If they had been asked to choose.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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