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Sign Of War
RAE (August 27,1985 / 9604 Rizal St., Townsite, Parang, Maguindanao,6300 Philippines)

Sign Of War

Poem By Ramon Amancio Estanque

When the face of the sun is red,
There is war.
-Folk Saying
Deep red is the face of the sun
when the night and the light struggle against each other
when the twilight mourns
and the darkness spreads
the borrowed light of the moon
is colored red not yellow
as the early dusk chases
the sun setting in the west
At the mountaintop is a shadow
a tall monument in the darkness can be seen
as sturdy feet that could not pass through
cling to the vines
Comrade Enyong, shall I believe the old folks?
Why, when the sun turned red, the war took
away your life when you could have saved
the life of Comrade Greg who died because
you were not here to serve as our doctor?
I curse in bitterness thinking that you were
felled by the cruel mindless fascists
trapped by the greedy
who are concealed behind the darkness of the red
spreading over the face of the sun
What you said about the moon borrowing light
from the deep red sun is true.
Like the light of the principle you brought from Isabela
that up to Bicol served the oppressed
Red is the face of the sun because there is war
red it is because the people are raging
The moon shall continue to shine on dark roads
that you have walked on and gone past through
in the warriors' never-ending path
of struggle
till victory is won

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