Signed, Confused. ♥

Poem By Sylvi Hart

Dear emotions,

I'm so sorry, I'm filled with regret
I'm so angry too, I wish we never met
I'm so happy, I'm crying out tears
I'm so scared, I'm full of dreadful fears
I'm so jealous, I'm ready to burst
I'm so dazed, but that isn't a first
I'm so lonely, It's almost a textbook case
I'm so frustrated, I hope I never see your face!
I'm so crazy, you better watch out
I'm so insane, I'm going to shout!
I'm so depressed, you cut my heart
I'm so glad, we're going to be..apart
I'm so surprised, you actually care?
I'm so confused, then why weren't you there?

Signed, Confused.

Comments about Signed, Confused. ♥

verses of deep emotion...well narrated/written/rhymes..nice piece...A10 Ency Bearis
I am amazed too, to say the least How you managed to do so with ease Brilliant! Ash (Rishi's Dad)
That is an amazing poem Sylvia! ! If is filled with lots of emotion. Keep up the great work! ! ! : D

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