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Signed With A Kiss
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Signed With A Kiss

Poem By Keiromi Nozomu

I like you,
But I would never tell.
I like you,
Do you like me as well?

I wrote you a note,
It wasn't a joke.
Signed with a kiss,
I just stayed nameless.

I told you how I felt,
How your eyes make me melt.
I was too scared to write my name,
And that kinda makes me a shame.

I know you pretty well,
If that's a good clue?
My name I will not tell,
'Cause I shouldn't like you.

Maybe you like me too,
And maybe I'm just a fool.
I can't just ask you to listen,
So I write a note like a chicken.

You've always been my best friend,
You've always been an enemy.
And somehow you seem to spend,
All of your time right next to me.

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Comments (1)

over all its a potentialy great poem. the rhyme scheme strays after verse 5 line 2. If you wana keep to the rhym scheme you should tighten it up from there.