Significant Other Numbers

Edward Iacona

I’d love to find a companion
Whose heart I’d make go pitter patter.
Until I read what women want
And then some numbers are going to matter.

As I read one online profile
I’m sure that for me she’d fall.
But, then I read that she’s five feet two
And wants a man that’s six feet tall.

To use her as an example
Here is a thought to debate or rebuff.
I am four inches taller than her,
So, why is that not enough?

There must be some adaptability.
There’s no formula or calculation
One needs for vertical compatibility
When involved in joyful copulation.

If I met and liked a lady
I’d not hesitate to call her
Just because the reason was
That she’s just simply taller.

To date a woman taller than me
I can imagine the relief she imbues
Being with one without the need
To balance on high heeled shoes.

Additional significant numbers
That figure onto this page
Are the variable considerations
About the differences in age.

There’s an allure to older with younger
Though others may wonder, squawk and gawk.
The biggest challenge to the couple is
That eventually they’ll have to talk.

Be one younger or one older
There’s really no true reference
Perhaps the only factor is that
It speaks to a mutual preference.

To use an acronym of today
Some might want to find a M.I.L.F.
So in the final equation,
I aspire to become a D.I.L.F.

by Edward Iacona

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