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Signs Of The Times...
TL ( / London)

Signs Of The Times...

Poem By Tina Louise

Abu Ghraib, England and Gitmo
Valerie Plame, Halliburton
Downing Street Memos
Controversial Nine Eleven
Rita and Katrina
New Orleans, phoney elections
Manipulation of the media
Dying soldiers, Cindy Sheehan
Slaughtered Iraqis, Operation Freedom
Noble Causes without reasons
Ever fluctuating over heated seasons
Fema friends in high places
Flies all over black baby faces
Third world poverty everywhere
Neuveau riche they don’t care
Power only in the politics
Liberty sacrificed as laws are fixed
Evil doers dwelling in an axis
For best friends, better taxes
Sacrificial collateral damage
Piles of waste, human garbage
Under-covered anti war demonstrations
Figures manipulated reflecting frustrations
Open mouths called unpatriotic
Flag waving fools blinded by the vitriolic
Speeches by mis-leading leaders
Goat book reading evil deeders
Signs of the times too hard to see
Despite 24 hour news on TV
Kate’s cocaine Janet’s nipples
Wacko’s boys and pointless drivel
Truth too ugly to show on screens
Meek journalists go weak at the knees
Holed up in hotels the viewers they please
With watered down, political, controlled wheeze
Finally a true human being sobbed
About the mother that was robbed
Of life and hope and dignity
As she sank beneath the water logged city
In the land of wealth and of god
Where she was no better than the dogs
That were left to starve and drown in this
Home of the brave become an abyss
Signs of the times everywhere
But who will look who will dare?

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I loved this one. Great job! !