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Signs Pointing To The Christ
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Signs Pointing To The Christ

As the snake was lifted on the pole, Christ was lifted up to behold.
Bitten by snakes and destined to die they were told to look on high.
As those who looked were healed, at the cross Salvation was revealed.
We too were destined for the dust, but Christ my friend, died for us.

It pleased The Lord God to offer Christ to the world as a sacrifice.
The Spotless Lamb upon the cross saving men who are eternally lost.
Although He died bearing our sin by God's Power He was raised again.
He couldn't be held in the grave and was raised so we could be saved.

Jonah followed his heart of sin so God prepared a great fish for him.
There was Jonah filled with fright in the belly 3 days and 3 nights.
Jonah was to be a sign for the coming Christ who had been prophesied.
So Jesus gave up all His rights to be in the earth 3 days and nights.

And Christ visited prisons deep within claiming His victory over sin.
Then God raised His body for all to see, affirming Christ's Victory.
And all believers are buried with Christ to be raised unto new life.
One day soon our mortal body will be gloriously raised for Eternity.

He who had no sin died in our place, for this was God's Saving Grace.
He rose again in the morning hour, and this was God's Saving Power.
He rose in victory over sin so that all could have new life in Him.
He's coming back one more time, to bring Home His blood bought Bride.

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