Your efforts to be oblivious of me
To dress a minor wound,
To maintain with sweaty fingers,
your disillusioned pride.

Your head is down,
against my stare

At times I wish
my eyes would
pierce through you
reading you

But instead they do so
to me

Oh the silence,
the work it takes!
to be blank
and give way
either way
to what is

At every angle you glance
and do not see

Every step you take
pulls you from your destiny

I laugh at your foolishness
but you are a child

And though as much as I deny
I am one too

for if I wasn't
I wouldn't care,

and I wouldn't be writing this to you.

by Viviana Torres

Comments (3)

after reading your poem, i was in awe, that was very deep, yur words created an image in which i could see, as well as relate do. great poem
That was a great poem. I can relate to it in more ways than I'd like to admit.
this was a good poem, keep it up.